Modular Innovation in Mechanical Solutions

Published 13th March 2018

Dewco Modular

We all know that there is a significant affordable housing crisis and many contractors are turning to modular construction to meet the shortfall. With 1.7 million families (4.5 million people) waiting for an affordable home in the UK, the industry is having to adapt fast to meet the demand.

This is not new to us. For over 25 years, we have worked on hundreds of projects using off-site volumetric techniques including extensive projects for the MoD. At DEWCO, our approach is proven with a highly experienced, skilled team designing and producing all aspects of mechanical building services including heating, plumbing, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Faster, better, more cost effective

Our experienced project teams provide innovative engineered solutions that ensure exceptional levels of quality, cost effectiveness, safety, productivity and programme certainty to all our customers.

There are also the obvious benefits of working with modular components – including minimising disruption on site, safer working conditions in a controlled environment and an overall greater degree of project control.

Collaborate & adapt

We often get asked what skills set us apart from other building services contractors. The answer is always the combination of our in-house services and our adaptability. Rob Walston, Managing Director for DEWCO comments; “Modular projects are often fast paced, high volume and require all the trades to work together in a seamless manner. Our BIM accredited design team and installation team plan everything in meticulous detail but also are prepared to adapt quickly if the programmes change mid project.”

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