Domestic plumbing used to be a fairly straightforward process of providing hot and cold water to toilets, sinks and bathrooms and taking the waste water away. Water heating was provided solely by fossil fuels.

The industry has moved on a long way now, particularly given the focus on climate change and renewable energy and new houses are built with minimum levels of renewables requirements, limits on daily water consumption and drives towards water recycling. Whilst it is not a requirement (yet!) for existing dwellings, we can offer advice on a wide range of products and solutions to help you improve the sustainability of your home.

As well as the new technologies, we can also still supply and install all manner of plumbing systems from gas-fired water heaters, electric water heaters, immersion heaters, combination boiler systems, electric and thermostatic showers, boosted water storage and sealed systems.

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Solar Thermal Water Heating

Vaillant complete Solar Hot Water solution including roof mounted solar panels, storage cylinder and control unit. System uses existing boiler to produce hot water when insufficient solar energy is available. 

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Solar Water Heating Pack