Air Source Heat Pumps

With the drive for renewable energy in homes combined with the rising prices and scarcity of our fossil fuels resources it is clear that gas, oil and coal will no longer be a viable consideration for heating.

An air source heat pump system is one alternative that can be considered. The system works in a similar way to an air conditioning system except that it is designed to heat only. There is an external unit linked to an internal unit. The system works by extracting heat from the surrounding air (which it can do even if the air temperature is as low as -15°C) and using this to provide your heating and hot water. The heat taken from the air is basically free heat and it is this feature that gives the high efficiencies.

You may hear the term COP which stands for Coefficient of Performance and basically gives you the ratio of power input to heat output. As an example, a brand new high efficiency condensing gas-fired boiler has an efficiency of about 96%. This is equivalent to a COP of 0.96 which means that for every kilowatt of gas your boiler burns it produces 0.96 kilowatts of heat. In contrast, the COP for an air source heat pump system can be as high as 5 which means that for every kilowatt of electricity used it can produce up to 5 kilowatts of heat.

Because it still needs electricity to run the system it isn't classed as entirely renewable but it is certainly much more efficient than any of today's fossil fuel technologies.

Air Source Heat Pump Example

The picture shows an example of how an air source heat pump can provide a very efficient whole house solution.

Here, it is serving underfloor heating throughout the ground floor, fan coil units and/or radiators on the first floor as well as providing all of the house's hot water requirements, coupled with solar panels to boost the energy savings.

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