Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Most people refer to Air Conditioning when they think of comfort cooling. In most cases cooling is what is required. However, heating, cooling, ventilation, filtration, humidification, and dehumidification all play a part in ensuring that environment is comfortable for its occupants. High insulation standards, coupled with extensive use of computers and heat generating ancillary equipment, mean that air temperatures need to be lowered to achieve acceptable working conditions at various times throughout the year. The latest technology available means that we are spoilt for choice, with through-the-wall, split, variable refrigerant volumes, and chilled water systems. The specialised expertise offered by Dewco Limited ensures the most suitable and economical application is used to meet the client’s requirements.

The provision of the best environmental conditions must consider the building’s use, processes, and occupancy levels, and should encompass general requirements, such as Building Regulations and Health and Safety Practices. The integration of free cooling, filtration and heat recovery forms a vital part of ventilation design together with the exhaust requirements to provide the correct balance of user comfort. The noise generated from fans and ductwork also needs to be considered when designing any system incorporating air movement. Dewco Limited takes special care to ensure that whether the ventilation is a simple toilet extract fan or a fully ducted supply and extract system integrated with the heating and cooling plant, the design will meet today's exacting standards and expectations.